Basement Finishing

So you have decided to take the final step and finish your basement. You are adding useable living space to your home and you could not be more excited. One vital step along the way is making sure the drywall is hung accurately and smoothly. To achieve a finished look on par with the rest of your home’s interior, seamless drywall installation is necessary.

basement finishing drywall

While some may believe drywall installation can be a do-it-yourself job, the results are much higher quality when a professional Utah drywall contractor is employed for the project. Hanging drywall involves measurement accuracy down to the millimeter, precise cutting and expert fastening to stud frames. You have come this far on your basement renovation – drywall installation is not an area to cut corners.

Professionals Understand Basement Finishing Needs

When selecting the thickness and type of drywall, professionals take into account the location. They can analyze the moisture content of the area and make decisions based on their past experience with basement drywall installation – what worked the best over the long-term? What solutions fit their present client’s needs?

On their own, homeowners may not fully understand what a basement needs in terms of drywall type and thickness, but with a professional, licensed Utah drywall contractor guiding them though the decision-making process surrounding material selection, they are less likely to make the wrong choice. Whenever you are in search of accurate information on basement drywall finishing, Accent Drywall & Acoustics should be the first professional team you call.

Finishing Touches

While the basement has long been thought of as the “rough and tumble” area of the house, not needing any extra attention or care, that characteristic is about to change. You are investing thousands of hard-earned dollars into a basement remodel project, and you expect the finished look to convey quality and excellent craftsmanship.

Work with a drywall contractor in Utah who understands the desire for top-notch finishes in a basement renovation, and more importantly, one who can deliver those results. Accent Drywall & Acoustics expertly cuts and fits drywall to the most narrow, challenging spaces such as a basement laundry room. We take the extra time to ensure baseboards can be installed smoothly and all ceiling ventilation is securely boxed by drywall. We take note of all the little details that other contractors may ignore, and ensure client happiness with our attention. There’s no need to look elsewhere, because you will never find the level of professionalism and care Accent Drywall & Acoustics delivers on a consistent basis for Utah homeowners.