New Home Drywall

Selecting a Utah-based drywall contractor for your new home drywall construction is an important step in finishing your interior space. Drywall installation may appear to be a straightforward process, and in some cases this may be true, but other times the job can present unique challenges.

new home drywall being installed


If drywall installation is completed incorrectly, it can result in a bumpy, unsightly finish, ruining the entire final paint coat in your brand-new home. If you choose Accent Drywall & Acoustics as your Utah drywall contractor, you can rest assured your drywall surface will be seamless.

Precision is Key in New Home Drywall

Only a skilled drywall contractor has the ability to install new home drywall in a time-efficient yet precise manner. New home constructions require a strict adherence to the building timeline. Amateur drywall contractors can neglect meticulousness in their rush to meet the deadline.

If the results are substandard, another reliable drywall contractor must be employed to tear out and re-install the shoddy work, and the finished date of the new home is pushed back even further. Homeowners who want to avoid this predicament should contact Accent Drywall & Acoustics, the premier licensed drywall contractor in Utah.

Client Communication

At Accent Drywall & Acoustics, we take our clients’ opinions and desires seriously. To ensure the project is completed to the satisfaction of the new homeowner, we communicate with our clients before, during and after the project. Prior to cutting the first drywall piece to size, we make sure we have a full understanding of the scope of the work to be done. Our clients never feel misunderstood during the process. Instead, our customers enjoy the comfort that comes with knowing their new home drywall construction and installation is in good hands.